What exactly do I buy in the store?

You will buy a 3D model kit to put together. The instructions are included for assembling the sample. 

How and when do I receive my Low-Poly kit?

After processing your payment, we send the kit out to you and should take up to five business days depending on where you live. However, this does not include weekends or holidays. 

I am new to this will I be able to make this model?

Yes, with the easy to follow instructions included and patience you can. The best of all it is worth it as you bring the model to life, giving you a sense of pride. 

How exactly do I assemble the purchased model?

  • Follow the enclosed instructions 
  • Organize the pieces as each one has a big number on
  • Furthermore, each piece comes scored with fine lines with pencil lines at the top and bottom to fold
  • There is also numbers on the flap and edges so there is no cutting and only folding and gluing

In fact, it is a puzzle assembly. 

What do I need to bring together the 3D sculpture?

You do not need much only quick dry glue you can buy with us separately. 

Enjoy Arts & Crafts and Save the Planet! With every purchase you make, we donate 10% to save wildlife animals, and you receive a certificate as proof.